Take 12 celebrities, lock them in a freezing cold castle or insect-infested jungle camp, starve them and cut off contact with their loved ones while making them compete in gruesome trials to earn food.

The I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! contestants know what they signed up for, but it doesn’t stop them from breaking the rules every single year.

From secret messages to their families back home, to even killing an animal for some extra food, the stars have landed themselves in big trouble over the years.

As 12 new celebrities arrived in the castle this week, let’s take a look back at some of the naughtiest and downright outrageous rule breaks the show has seen.

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Gino D’Acampo kills and cooks a rat

Gino D'Acampo I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Gino D’Acampo caused outrage by killing a rat in 2009
Rex Features)

Although he eventually went on to win the show, Gino D’Acampo didn’t escape his 2009 I’m A Celeb stint without controversy.

The celebrity chef was slammed by the Australian RSPCA after he went into gory detail about how he ‘murdered’ a rat for food before turning it into a risotto.

Gino told his campmates at the time: “I saw one of these rats running around. I got a knife, I got its throat, I picked it up.”

Viewers were horrified by Gino’s admission and more than 50 flocked to Ofcom to raise their concerns.

ITV was fined £1,700 by the Australian RSPCA after the animal was killed and cooked.

A spokesman for the broadcaster said at the time: “ITV has apologised for the mistake which led to this incident.

“The production was unaware that killing a rat could be an offence, criminal or otherwise in New South Wales, and accepts that further inquiries should have been made.”

Russell Watson ‘cheats ‘ in trial

Russell was accused of 'cheating' by using his hands

Russell was accused of ‘cheating’ by using his hands

Last year, opera singer Russell Watson had a baptism of fire in the castle as his first act was to dip his head into barrels full of nasties.

He chipped a tooth and said he felt a mealworm in his teeth during a disgusting trial.

Along with fellow newbie Ruthie he managed to get 11 out of 12 stars, but some viewers claimed he wasn’t playing fair.

They claimed Russell was using his hands in the barrels of doom to find what he was looking for, rather than just his mouth.

“Why was Russell allowed to cheat in those trials? He was blatantly using his hand to scoop the answers to his mouth in the [barrel] and was tipping the fish eyes,” tweeted one angry fan.

Another agreed: “Ooo some cheating from Russell in the trial tonight! Not like @antanddec to miss it!”

Similarly, Shane Richie was accused of the same tactic, as was Ruthie Henshall who then also cheekily tried to lie to Ant and Dec about how many stars she had – though she was soon found out.

Smuggling contraband – seasoning and make up

Naughty Boy smuggled spices into the camp - but they were instantly confiscated

Naughty Boy smuggled spices into the camp – but they were instantly confiscated

Naughty Boy lived up to his DJ name during the launch of I’m A Celebrity 2021 as he was caught bending the rules.

The musician, real name Shahid Khan, snuck in some spices he had ground together to add some flavour to the rice and beans.

But before anyone even realised what he had done, it was the contestant himself that owned up to his wrongdoing to the crew working behind-the-scenes.

Speaking in the Telegraph on set, Naughty Boy told the crew, before asking if he was allowed to use the spices – knowing full well he wasn’t – and they were immediately confiscated.

Showing the spices to the camera, Naughty Boy said: “Before I left, I ground some spices that could make rice and beans actually taste a bit nice so what I did, I put it in my sock.

Amy Willerton

Amy Willerton was forced to hand over her smuggled make-up
Rex Features)

“There’s cumin seeds, cloves, turmeric, coriander seeds. If you could smell this. Wow. And black peppercorns.”

But as he left empty handed, he confessed to his campmates: “I had whole organic spices so I crushed some and I put it in cling film and I put it in my sock.

“I thought I was going to add it to the rice and beans and make it taste better but I asked them if it was ok if I used a bit because we’re suffering enough as it is and they confiscated it.”

He isn’t the only celebrity to have smuggled in contraband.

I’m A Celebrity 2021: Everything you need to know

Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor flouted the rules in 2012 by sneaking a pile of salt and pepper sachets in the bottom of his backpack.

Model Amy Willerton managed to sneak an entire bag of make-up in in 2013 – and only got busted 10 days in.

And TV chef Gino D’Acampo stuffed his pillow full of goodies during his stint on the show.

“I stuffed it with a lot of salt, sugar, four different teas and ten sachets of coffee,” he said.

“I had it in my shoes as well. I thought, ‘If the security guys catch the stuff in the pillow, I still have the stuff in the shoes.'”

Jake Quickenden and Jimmy Bullard’s escape bid

Jake Quickenden and Jimmy Bullard

Jake Quickenden and Jimmy Bullard attempted to make a great escape – but were thwarted

A security boundary runs around the perimeter of the camp for the contestants’ own safety.

However, Jake Quickenden and co-star Jimmy Bullard once broke through it and tried to escape – only to be caught in the act and ordered back to camp.

“Me and Jimmy, actually one day did a runner and wanted to see how far we could get,” Jake previously recalled.

“And we got that far that we actually saw somebody, and he was full camouflage, under a bush, with a net, under a netted bush kind of thing.

“He just popped out and said, ‘Go back to camp.’

“We s**t ourselves and walked back to camp. Then we got called back into the Bush Telegraph and got told off.”

Secret signals

Shane came up with a special hand signal for his five children

Shane Richie came up with a special hand signal for his five children

Last year, Shane Richie was spotted making a secret signal to the cameras.

The former EastEnders actor, who is father to Jake, Shane Junior, Romani-Syke Angel Shelley, Lolita Bell, and Mackenzie Blue, is letting his five kids know he is thinking of them.

Upon learning that he was set to battle it out at Gwrych castle, Shane came up with a special hand signal for his children to recognise.

He placed his hand to his face and separating his two middle fingers over his eye.

And the strange gesture had a heartwarming meaning, as Shane was letting his family know that he loves and misses them.

Shane’s wife Christie Goddard let his fans know about the signal in a sweet post on his Instagram page.

Giovanna Fletcher had a special hand signal for her three children at home

Giovanna Fletcher had a special hand signal for her three children at home

Alongside a snap of Shane making the gesture, she wrote: “Shane’s special signal to the children, telling them he loves them. #love #daddy #husband #trials #hecanbequitefunnysometimes”.

Meanwhile, Giovanna Fletcher held her thumb to her nose and waggled her fingers when the camera was on her as a special ‘hello’ to her three children – and it was her husband Tom Fletcher who revealed this to the public.

But Tom’s McFly bandmate, Dougie Poynter, pointed out that this was against the rules.

The 2011 I’m A Celeb winner said: “Oh you get in trouble for that!”

Horrified Tom realised he might have dropped his wife in it, replying: Do you? Oh no.”

Caitlyn Jenner sneaks in corn and chicken

I'm A Celebrity's Caitlyn Jenner grabbed some corn and chicken for Ian

I’m A Celebrity’s Caitlyn Jenner grabbed some corn and chicken for Ian

Caitlyn Jenner was actually praised for the kindness behind her rule break.

She defied the show bosses in 2019 to bring campmate Ian Wright some roast dinner into the jungle after he was told he wasn’t allowed any.

The celebrities had taken part in a gruelling trial to win the hearty meals for everyone in the camp, but they were three short.

One of the celebs who went hungry was Ian Wright, and Caitlyn thought this was deeply unfair because he’d tried so hard in the challenge.

Ian was overjoyed at Caitlyn's kindness - but the camp were punished

Ian was overjoyed at Caitlyn’s kindness – but the camp were punished

So she snuck him a piece of chicken and some corn in the cob, hiding it in her trouser pocket and presenting it to him quietly later on.

One fan said: “Ohhhhhh I love that Caitlyn smuggled in the corn for Ian. He was so grateful for that. Love em both!”

Another tweeted: “Awwww Caitlyn giving Ian some corn, an actual angel.”

A third commented: “Caitlyn getting Ian Wright the corn on the cob was the most precious thing ever.”

Viewers begged the show not to punish Ian and Caitlyn – but it fell on deaf ears as they lost a portion of food they had won in the following Bushtucker Trial.

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