Will Smith says he went ‘ghetto hyena’ and had so much sex it made him vomit trying to get over his first love.

The 53-year-old actor said he thought at the time the best way to work his way through the break-up from his Melanie was relentless bed hopping.

But he said it ultimately made things a lot worse – and made him physically sick by the end.

The Fresh Prince star has been getting candid after his early years following the launch of book Will, which was released on November 9.

In the new memoir, he said spoke openly about the romantic void he was trying to fill by moving from woman-to-woman and quite a pace.

will smith

Will struggle to cope with the ending of his first ever relationship when he was a teen
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Will Smith says he made himself sick with too much sex when he became famous

He says ‘rampant sexual intercourse’ was how he tried to cope with his heartache
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He ended up feeling a lot worse as his desperate search for affection went wrong.

“Up until this point in my life, I had only had sex with one woman other than Melanie,” he explained “But over the next few months, I went full ghetto hyena.

“But as there is no pill for heartbreak I resorted to the homeopathic remedies of shopping and rampant sexual intercourse.

“I had sex with so many women, and it was so constitutionally disagreeable to the core of my being, that I developed a psycho-somatic reaction to having an orgasm.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

The movie star opened up about his marriage to Jada in his memoir

“It would literally make me gag and sometimes even vomit. In every case, though, I hoped to God this beautiful stranger would be “the one” who would love me, who would make this pain go away – but invariably, there I was, retching and wretched. And the look in the eyes of the woman even further deepened my agony.”

It certainly wasn’t the only confession to come out of the book.

Will admitted that he struggled with wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship with Tupac Shakur and that he was “tortured by their connection”.

The Hollywood star said that the friendship between her and the late rapper made him feel insecure and lead to issues.

Jada, 50, was high school friends with Tupac and after a tough start to life, they managed to fight “their way from under the weight of abuse and neglect” to reach the heights of success they achieved.

Will shared: “Though they were never intimate, their love for each other is legendary — they defined ‘ride or die.’

“In the beginning of our relationship, my mind was tortured by their connection. He was ‘PAC! and I was me.”

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