It’s the subtle details that make the greatest difference.

In the sophomore season of Hulu’s The Great, power is changing hands as a very pregnant Catherine, portrayed by Elle Fanning, is establishing her reign over Russia. 

As a result, people are rising and falling in rank, with Sacha Dhawan‘s Orlo and Phoebe Fox‘s Marial taking on a higher status because of their alliance with Catherine. In the process, their drab clothing from season one has been thrown out like yesterday’s trash and replaced with apparel more fitting of a noble.

And though clothing may seem inconsequential to the average viewer, Dhawan and Fox said that costume designer Sharon Long‘s work had a major influence on their ability to portray these characters.

“She’s really brilliant at making the costumes looks spectacular for both men and women,” Dhawan praised in an exclusive interview with E! News. “But they also feel really contemporary as well.”

For Dhawan, he felt that Long nailed Orlo’s corduroy ensembles, saying it helped him be “a bit more confident in himself.”

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