Charlotte Dawson trolled after sharing a snap of her baby eating his first chip

Charlotte Dawson has been passionately defended by her fans after she was trolled online for feeding her baby son a chip.

The 28-year-old reality star – who is the daughter of late comedy legend Les Dawson, who passed away in 1993 aged 62 – welcomed her first child with her fiancé Matt Sarsfield back in January.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Charlotte shared a video of herself with her son, Noah, sat on her lap.

The footage showed Charlotte feeding her baby boy a chip – with the tot looking quite delighted as he sucked on the section of fried potato with his gums.

Charlotte Dawson and Noah Sarsfield

Charlotte Dawson has been trolled for feeding her son, Noah, a chip

Sharing the video with fans, Charlotte wrote:”Noah’s first time trying a chip I can’t wait to eat chips & graveh with him.”

The “video also showed the star, and her fiancé, singing together as they enjoyed dinner in a restaurant that as complete with live music entertainment.

Charlotte joked: “And me sounding like a bloke on the mic. We had a ball on Saturday at @clubrasoi.astley unexpected & unplanned nights are the best.”

Charlotte Dawson and Noah Sarsfield

Noah seemed to enjoy his chip, but some fans didn’t like seeing it happen

But some fans were not amused, and blasted the TV star for feeding solid foods to her baby.

One follower snapped: “Don’t give him chips so young.”

Charlotte herself hit back at the criticism, writing: “He’s nearly 7 months & there was no salt on it.. He’s my son thank you so I’ll do what I want!”

Fans were also quick to support the star.

One wrote in the comment section of her post: “There’s always the few that have to pipe up keep opinions to yourselves I also have a 7 month old and he loved to chomp a chip.”

Charlotte Dawson and Noah Sarsfield and Matt Sarsfield

Charlotte shares Noah with her fiancé, Matt Sarsfield

Another offered: “I’m pretty sure 1 chip is allowed to a balanced diet and let’s face it they suck it to death and the remains end up on the floor they don’t consume a whole chip some people need to get off their high horses and just leave others alone.”

Another commented: “The girl let her boy suck on a chip , it’s a chip, it goes mushy soft when saliva gets on it, she is holding the end , for Pete’s sake.”

And another wrote: “[Charlotte]’s so hilarious… and so what if she decides to give her baby a chip?! God some people with their opinions! She’s the mum she decides!!!”

The following morning, Charlotte shared video via Instagram Stories of her boy eating some toasted bread.

She wrote: “This morning Noah had his first taste of toast.

“I was so nervous so scared but he love it!! He prefers finger food,” alongside a red heart emoji.

Charlotte Dawson and Noah Sarsfield

Charlotte and Matt welcomed their son Noah in January this year

Charlotte and rugby league star Matthew, 29 – who is the father of Noah – have been engaged since September last year.

Charlotte shared their happy engagement news at the time, writing on Instagram: “OMG OMG OMG my darlings IM CHUFFIN ENGAGED!!!!! To the man of my dreams.

“I cant believe it!!! My baby my life my world @matt_sarsfield couldn’t of done it better… he got on one knee at my dads statue!!!”

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