We Are Lady Parts’ Sarah Kameela Impey Says It’s the Show You “Wish” You Had in Your Teens

Still, seeing minority communities represented on-screen is important, and Sarah says she’s heard from fans who “wish that this was made so many years ago.”

She adds more than a handful of individuals told her “it would have been great if we felt seen then,” but Sarah acknowledges it’s “amazing” they’re represented in the TV world now. “All we can do is evolve from now, you know? We’re setting a precedent and going, ‘Yep, we’re here. This is what we do,'” she explains. 

“That’s why we made it, to celebrate these characters and their complexities,” Sarah continues, “And again, fall in love with these characters and just really understand that all of these people exist, and they belong, and they deserve to belong.” 

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