The Challenge: All Stars: Why These 24 OGs Didn’t Return

The Road Rules: Semester at Sea alum is one of the franchise’s most infamous female competitors and most recently appeared in 2018. But this thrice-winning OG had her reasons for not returning for All Stars, despite being asked.

“In short the ROI wasn’t worth it for me,” Veronica told E! News. “Though they were offering a stipend greater than they did in the OG days, it wasn’t enough to get me to travel during a pandemic, I’d have to pay for my daily responsibilities to be tended to & my career would take a hit because of the time I would need to step away. It would have ended up costing me money to be there for the experience. And although they are fun, we are there performing a job. And the job we perform doesn’t just end when the cameras drop. We have responsibilities brought upon by being on the show before, during, and after the show airs.”

She continued, “They needed to pay me MORE and they weren’t willing. Which was fine. At the end of the day, they found someone else to take my place for what they were offering. It just isn’t me and if they don’t value what I bring to their franchise, I don’t care to be there making a show for them.”

And that is why she is a reality TV legend, people. 

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