It Sucks That Superstore Had to End, But At Least the Series Finale Was Perfect

Amy took a trip back to St. Louis to help with the fight to keep the store open. That plan was complicated by the discovery of a bag of severed feet, and it all turned out to be useless anyway. The corporate overlords at Zephra had already decided to turn the store into a fulfillment center, which Dina (Lauren Ash) would manage. She got to keep five employees, including new assistant manager Sandra (Kaliko Kauahi), but everyone else had to move on. 

While Glenn (Mark McKinney) panicked about retirement, Mateo (Nico Santos) panicked about not being able to find another job as an undocumented immigrant. Eventually, Glenn decided to reopen his dad’s hardware store, with Mateo and Cheyenne (Nichole Sakura) working for him. 

Amy and Jonah spent most of the two episodes having awkward run-ins, until Dina revealed that Jonah and his new girlfriend had broken up. Amy admitted she had some regrets, and tried to explain that her brain had short-circuited with all the options she suddenly had with her promotion. 

Jonah wasn’t totally ready to accept her apology, but after a showing of everybody’s job interviews, she was inspired to try again. This time, he kissed her, and finally all was right in Cloud 9 again. 

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