Ready For A “Wonka” Prequel?

Well, here’s an idea that’s going to prove divisive, to say the least. Warner Bros. has a Willy Wonka prequel in the works, and it now has an official release date. WB is going to be putting out the prequel, titled Wonka, on March 17th of 2023. Now, before you proclaim it to be a full on horrible and needless idea, consider who is directing. It’s none other than Paul King, of the Paddington series fame. Already, rumors peg Timothee Chalamet and Tom Holland as potential picks for playing Willy Wonka. Sit tight for more on Wonka as it comes together, but read on for a bit of the report that broke yesterday…

Here is some of the story in The Hollywood Reporter:

Warner Bros. has set a date for Wonka, an origin story focusing on the storied chocolate factory owner.

Wonka, which will hit theaters on March 17, 2023, hails from Paddington director Paul King and Harry Potter producer David Heyman. The studio describes it as focusing on “a young Willy Wonka and his adventures prior to opening the world’s most famous chocolate factory.”

Simon Rich wrote the original draft, with Simon Farnaby and King penning the current draft.

In the books by Roald Dahl, Willy Wonka is the eccentric owner of a chocolate factory, with the character debuting in the 1964 book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The character also appeared in Dahl’s sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, published in 1972.

Gene Wilder portrayed Wonka in the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, helping make the character and the Oompa-Loompas who work in his factory indelible parts of pop culture. Johnny Depp later stepped into the role of Wonka for Tim Burton’s 2005 remake.

Wonka has been in the works for several years

Stay tuned for more on Wonka…

(Source: THR)

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