Time is truly flying by on The Bachelorette. Or is it?

It feels like both yesterday and a full year ago that we were waiting patiently for Clare Crawley to make her exit with Dale Moss, and now Tayshia Adams is well and truly into her season. There are frontrunners, there are…backrunners? There are definitely some men who have no business still being there, and a few recent eliminations that still sting. 

For example, we already miss Doctor Joe, but it was time for Chasen the Wolverine to say his goodbyes and we’re not quite so sure how Ed is still in the running, but we’re keeping our eye on Ivan, Zac, Ben and Brendan after they quickly made major connections with Tayshia. 

As for the others, there’s still time for them to make their mark, though Tayshia’s apparently got those loving feelings for multiple men already, according to ABC’s synopsis of this week’s episode (which also features a full wedding photoshoot for Tayshia and Zac.) JoJo Fletcher will be there to fill in for Chris Harrison, and Noah and Bennett will get to enjoy the dreaded two-on-one date where two men enter, one man leaves.