Happy Thanksgiving To One And All!

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Friends, I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving today! It’s undoubtedly going to be a different kind of a day than usual for everyone, but we can get through it. The entire year has seen COVID-19 impact our daily lives, as well as other holidays. If you’re anything like me, for example, going to the movies was a great joy, but you haven’t been since February or March. At the same time, you may have started watching films at home, perhaps even seeing more than usual. It’s not the same, but it replaces having nothing. Today can be like that, as well.

Of course, nothing compares to being with your family and/or friends on Thanksgiving. The food, the community, the sense of holiday, it’s something special. Even if it’s just watching Detroit Lions football in the morning and the Dallas Cowboys in the afternoon, it’s tradition. So, the virus upending that is tragic. That being said, substituting a big family gathering for a smaller and safer one is the only choice to make. We’ll all get through this and be better for it. So, while it won’t be a big feast, I hope you all do still find a way to celebrate. Eat some turkey (or whatever you choose to indulge in) and give thanks for what we still have…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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