Why Alexa Mansour's The Walking Dead: World Beyond Role Makes Her An Especially Proud Latina

For Mansour, taking on the role of Hope is an incredible opportunity to play someone a bit more ethnically ambiguous. As a biracial Latinx and Egyptian American woman, she says she began getting typecast after first playing Luna Garcia on Law and Order. 

“I had the whole Mexican accent, fresh out of Mexico,” Mansour said of her Law and Order role. “After that, I never booked any more Latina roles. And I always got told, well, you don’t look very Latina. I ended up doing maybe four or five roles where I was playing a Middle Eastern girl, always with a very heavy accent. I loved the roles, they were really, really challenging to do, but I kind of just wanted to be ambiguous in a way. I didn’t want a role that had any labels on where this girl is from, based on what she looks like, like she could be absolutely anything.”

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