Sukihana wants to ‘inspire’ and ‘motivate’ fans with her hard-hitting mixtape. The ‘L&HH’ star shares the messages behind ‘Wolf P–sy’ in an EXCLUSIVE interview!

A pandemic didn’t stop Sukihana from having a big 2020. The hip hop artist dropped her new mixtape on Sept. 2, made her reality television debut on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, and even secured a coveted cameo in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” music video that now has more than 220 million views on YouTube. It’s on-brand for Sukihana to make such a big splash in such a short amount of time. She’s not messing around, which Sukihana establishes with the name of her mixtape: Wolf P-ssy

A behind-the-scenes photo of Sukihana on the set of the “WAP” video. (Photo Credit:Trenton Barboza/@indietrent)

“I’m coming like I’m loud. I’m fun. I felt like that would be funny. So that’s what I wanted to name my body of work,” Sukihana EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Good p-ssy” and “good cat” — some of the other options she considered for the mixtape’s name — didn’t cut it, because as Sukihana puts it in the mixtape’s intro, it’s the type of “p-ssy” that needs to be “put in a cage.” 

This unnerving confidence is the glue between each track on the mixtape, no matter what mood she’s channeling. Sukihana goes hard on her diss track “Yous A Hoe,” which many fans are dying to know who it’s directed at. On the opposite end, there’s “No One,” a romantic track in which Sukihana still lets that special someone know that being loved by her is a privilege, and not the other way around. However, this confidence isn’t meant to just be intimidating. Sukihana wants her fans to feel just as empowered.

“I really hope [the mixtape] inspires them and motivates them to chase their dreams and start their new business and just stop depending on people like, you know, that’s really what I want them to do. Just understand that everybody can be successful entrepreneurs, you could do it just like I did it,” Sukihana told us. This is also why she sprinkled her sacred “Rules” throughout the mixtape. 

“Get the f–k up off your a–, and get that money,” Sukihana declares in her first Rule, warning her listeners to never be “depressed” over a man. There’s six rules total, all which focus on being your best self, and never letting a man get the best of you. “I just try to think of what’s the daily things that we just go through with these guys. And I really empower my sisters like, you know, stop putting up with what you putting up with. Just do your thing. Like, get up off your a– and go chase your dreams. It’s not that hard,” Sukihana insisted.

One of the biggest lessons Sukihana stresses throughout the mixtape is to “never spend your own money,” as she states in Rule No. 3. But she’s not encouraging her fans to ask for “handouts.” Rather, she just doesn’t want fans to be handing out too much of themselves, while receiving barely anything in return.

“If you’re worth something, show your worth. Know your worth and tax these guys. That’s all,” Sukihana explained, after noticing that women were too “scared” to ask for things. “They want to take your time and take your conversation and want you to [do] this and that. No, it’s okay to ask sometimes. That’s why we do stop. Stop letting guys walk over you and make it seem they making it seem like you’re always asking for a handout. But no, you’ve always got your d–k out.”

Sukihana isn’t afraid to broadcast to the world who she is, much like Cardi — explaining their mutual admiration for each other, which paved the way for Sukihana’s cameo in the “WAP” music video. “Cardi’s people reached out to me,” Sukihana revealed, recalling that she was told that the Grammy-winning rapper wanted her in the “WAP” video. “I was like, mad excited. I’m like, ‘Hell yeah.’ Because I’ve been showing Cardi love for a long time. You know, I feel like I relate to her. Like, same people that don’t like her, don’t like me. Same people that lover her, love me too.”

Sukihana described herself as an “all around performer entertainer,” thanks to a childhood spent in art schools, dance classes and on the stage. She wrote her first rap when she was just six years old! (Photo Credit:Trenton Barboza/@indietrent)

In the video, Sukihana gets a solo spotlight to dance in her own “room” in the “WAP” mansion. While the video was almost entirely the result of green screen technology, Sukihana wasn’t filming alone. “It was like a big a– place. And we were all in front of green screen. And we all had to go up there and dance separately,” Sukihana explained, who confessed the experience was “a little bit nerve racking” and required a couple shots on her part. “Even though I’ve been performing for a really long time…it was scary because it’s like, ‘Dang this is about to be a humongous video, I have to be up to par’,” she admitted. Sukihana was also filming alongside some of the top female artists in the music industry: Normani, Rosalia, Mulatto and Rubi Rose, in addition to Cardi and Megan, of course. 

“We were drinking…It was really glamorous, too. But, I mean, that was my favorite dance and in front of everybody, [it was] lit,” Sukihana added. While the “WAP” video went on to dominate the top of Billboard’s “Hot 100” chart (where the song still holds its No. 1 position), the sexually-charged lyrics — which are an unabashed celebration of the “p-ssy,”‘ first and foremost —  have also come under fire with conservative figures, unsurprisingly. 

Sukihana doesn’t care about the noise, though. “I don’t think anything is wrong with liberating yourself sexually, guys do it all the time,” she said in response to the criticism. “I think we’re breaking boundaries and opening up doors to a lot of women who are happy with themselves, who are new to this, who don’t care what other people think. And I’m just happy to know, people love us for that. I don’t see no problem with that at all.” And for those compelled to comment on women’s modesty, Sukihana had excellent advice: “Everybody just needs to mind their business. You know, like, everything is not for everybody. Some women like to not wear clothes. Some women want to be covered up all the time. It is just a preference.”

Sukihana’s future plans are just as big as the “WAP” video. She confirmed her return for the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, and is already setting her sights on projects outside of music and reality TV. “I don’t really want to say all my goals, but I do want to get into acting. I went to acting school. I love to act. All my sketches that I ever went viral from, I wrote and directed and filmed those,” Sukihana shared. There’s no limit to what she can do — which is the entire message behind Wolf P-ssy, after all.