In her own words, Captain Sandy Yawn is the “wrong person to piss off.”

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s all-new Below Deck Mediterranean, Chef Tom Checketts finds himself snapping at The Wellington’s captain after he’s delivered frozen fish. There’s tension at the very start of the clip as Captain Sandy asks a frazzled Bugsy Drake if she’s ok.

As Bugsy informs Captain Sandy that provisions for the charter have arrived frozen, she also tells a just arrived Tom that she’s moved the frozen items to the fridge. Rather than thanking the Chief Stewardess, the frustrated chef offers up a snarky reply.

“Brilliant,” he responds. “Frozen halibut is much better than fresh.”

Shocked by this update, Captain Sandy offers up an expletive and asks for Tom to explain to her the situation. However, it seems the chef has no interest in speaking with the famed captain.

“I tried to speak to you about it, and you were just calling BWA,” Tom snaps. “And now we’re stuck with frozen fish.”