Survivor: Winners at War Just Gave Us All the Best Happy Cry

This season of Survivor may have been filmed many months ago, but somehow it’s as if they knew we’d be desperately needing an episode like the one we got tonight. 

At some point during every season of the show, each castaway gets to see one family member. They then have to compete for the chance to spend more time with their one family member, which turns out to be devastating for everybody else. This time, however, things were different. 

All of the remaining castaways got to see their entire families, including their children, and then they didn’t even have to compete to spend more time with them. Everybody just got to hang out on the beach for a while and be happy together, and it was the happiest we’ve seen anyone on TV in weeks. 

And that wasn’t even all! While everyone on the regular beach was hanging out with their fam, the eliminated castaways on Extinction suddenly saw a boat heading their way. They got to see their families too! If you’ve been craving a happy cry, here you go! 

Adam even got a moment with his dad, so they could get some closure after the death of Adam’s mom. (Adam and his mom had applied to the show together, but she was diagnosed with cancer and never got to compete. She died an hour after Adam got home from filming season 33.) 

Ethan also told his wife he realized he never wanted to spend another day without her, and we’re all over here absolutely sobbing. 

But of course the families couldn’t stay, and business had to go back to usual after their departure. Tony won individual immunity and two fire tokens, and Jeremy got an idol that could save him from being voted out but without a vote of his own. He and Sarah hilariously both kept trying to talk at the same time, but in the end Jeremy used his advantage and forced the whole group to have to rethink everything and make it very clear who the alliances were. 

Sarah then also used her steal a vote advantage to take Denise’s vote, and after the votes were cast, Kim played her own immunity idol for Denise, who got a couple votes but not as many as Tyson got, sending Tyson back to Extinction. 

While the credits rolled, we watched the jury get up to give Jeff a big group hug for letting them see their families, and surprise surprise, we started crying all over again.

One thing the family visits did was remind us how many Survivor alums are now married to each other (hey, Parvati and John), so scroll down to see who’s still together (and who isn’t).

Wendell Holland, Michele Fitzgerald, Survivor

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Parvati Shallow, John Fincher, Survivor Couples


Joe Anglim, Sierra Dawn Thomas


Elizabeth Beisel, Jack Nichting, Survivor

Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Jenna Bowman, Sebastian Noel, Survivor Couples


Whitney Duncan, Keith Tollefson, Survivor Couples


Alec Merlino, Kara Kay, Survivor Couples


Rob Mariano, Amber Brkich, Survivor Couples

Robert Voets/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Tyson Apostol and Rachel Foulger, Survivor Couples

Instagram/Rachel Foulger

Survivor Couples, Mary Sartain, Ryan Opray


Jeff Probst, Julie Berry, Survivor Couples

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Survivor Couples, Spencer Duhm, Todd Herzog

Steve Mack/Getty Images

Survivor Couples, Stephen Fishbach, Courtney Yates

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Survivor Couples, The Amazing Race, Ethan Zohn, Jenna Morasca

Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Survivor Couples, Erik Huffman, Jaime Dugan-Huffman


Survivor Couples, Alex Bell, Kim Powers


Survivor Couples, David Murphey, Carolina Eastwood


Survivor Couples, Ozzy Lusth, Amanda Kimmel


Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. 

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