Drake Doremus Discusses His Unique Process And His New Film “Endings, Beginnings”

If you love emotional cinema, you should be a fan of filmmaker Drake Doremus, if you aren’t already. From his breakthrough Like Crazy, to other efforts like Breathe In, Equals, Newness, and Zoe, he’s been a storyteller with one of the biggest beating hearts out there. This week, his newest film Endings, Beginnings is opening, and it’s not just one of his best, but one of the top new releases of the year so far. Doremus was kind enough to hop on the phone with me last week for a short chat about his new movie, but also just about his process, which is heavy on improvisation and letting his actors find their characters organically.

Below you will find my chat with Drake Doremus, who puts forth some truly moving work with Endings, Beginnings. My rave review is up on the site, as of Monday, and can be found here, but this is just a sample of my praise for Doremus and the project: “At this point, it’s easy to spot a Drake Doremus film when you see one. There are certain hallmarks that are clearly visible, over a half dozen works into his career. For some, his approach to storytelling doesn’t work. For others, it’s an emotional and often riveting way to invest you in his characters. I’ve found myself in the latter camp ever since his breakthrough Like Crazy, and his newest movie, the romantic drama Endings, Beginnings, is another home run. Showcasing the yearning for human connection that we all share, Doremus once again will rock you to your core. This time around, he also has another stunning performance the center of his movie, with Shailene Woodley doing some of the best work of her career. Available to watch on Digital this Friday, it’s one of the best flicks of the year so far.” I stand by all that and was delighted to chat with the man, after having interviewed him years before for Breathe In. We had a great, albeit very brief, conversation, and I hope you all find something in it. It’s very easy going and casual, so take a load off and soak it all in.

Here now is my interview with Drake Doremus, in all of its (short) glory. Enjoy:

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Drake Doremus. Be sure to check out Endings, Beginnings, available on Digital starting on Friday, and then On Demand May 1!

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